IDTS-Baby Shower? What is Acceptable to Bring?

I just bought two tickets to the baby shower at the IDTS show for me and my 11 year old daughter. I was wondering what kinds of things are typically gifted during that event? Can I make something? Does it have to be worn or used by a reborn doll? Or can it be supplies? What things have you seen gifted at these events at the doll shows? Thanks!


When I went to ROSE last year I gifted baby clothes sets, so did my daughter.

We received handmade/sewn preemie bodysuit, crocheted blanket, diaper in one gift

and in the other was an Ember kit, and some clothes


you will love the baby shower lots of fun see you there

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Most people tend to “gift” something for the “dolls” but you can also gift something for the “mommy”. I saw a lot of real nice gifts, in fact there was actually a couple of “reborn babies” gifted. Personally I received a Lovely 6 piece set which included 1 bodysuit with pants, 1 Jammies, 1 bib, 1 hat and socks all matching and it is adorable. I also got a beautiful blanket with a tiny neck pillow and a little pair of shoes. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer gift!! I in turn gave a very nice gift that I’m sure someone was very happy with. It was so much fun. Maybe this will give you a little idea of something you could get to exchange. You also DON’T have to bring a Gift. If you don’t bring something to exchange you just DON’T GET a gift, but it doesn’t mean you can’t attend the festivities. If you just wanted to bring one gift between you and your daughter, you would just exchange with ONE gift, that would cut costs for you. I hope this helps. @avyona


Oh good! Sounds so lovely!

I am planning on making a gift and then buying another. I am a seamtress, so I was hoping that homemade goodies were awesome too. I guess I would like to bring something a little unique. I’m so excited!

now my only problem is finding a friggin place to stay with a family of 5!!!


I think a room with 2 queens let you do 2 adults and 4 kids…

But may be more expensive for addition people over 4 total…

(I was going to rent a room recently but it would not let us have our 5 kids in one room, but it would let me do 4… but we decided that not all of us would go. So my husband stayed home with our 3 youngest, and I took the older 2 with me, and just stayed at a friends)

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My hubby insists on a 2 bedroom suite. I cannot find a single one! I’ve been looking all day and even looks in Candler, black mountain…etc.


This may be a crazy idea, but have you considered renting a cabin or vacation rental? My family and I just booked a cabin in Asheville for a few days in July. It sleeps 8, has its own hot tub and pool, a kitchen, and a beautiful mountain view. We found it at and they have several options for cabins between $100 and $200 per night. My extended family always books a condo or cabin somewhere for a week during the summer, so we can all get together, and we use vrbo to book. We’ve always had great experiences! Just an idea if you can’t find a hotel.


That is what I wanted to do originally :slight_smile: Thank you for the link!! I have three cabins picked out and will show my hubby and let him decide which! YAY Thank you @Bec1273


We decided to just drive and attend the show and then drive back home lol. Its just so much money for a 1-2 night stay. Those cabins ended up having a 1000 refundable deposit PLUS a $275 cleaning fee! :astonished:

@avyona, I hope I didn’t steer you wrong. I was talking about the ROSE show and the gifts I received. I see this post was in reference to the IDTS show. I think that’s a different show, right? If so, I’m sorry, I may have given you some wrong info. Although I would think they would be much the same. Maybe someone can tell you who has been to that show.

Oh girl its ok!! No worries! They are much the same. Rental websites, I now realize add a ton of fees and deposit stuff. But you were right that the prices were about 100-200 range.

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I love home made gifts.

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