Identify elves

Does anyone know who they are (NOT MY PIC)

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They look like paradise galleries manufactured dolls. Maybe ashton drake?

I agree.


I saw him but I couldn’t find a picture of those guys

Yeah, the blue eyed elf from Paradise Galleries elf has eyebrows, which I don’t see in the pic to indentify. Also, the Paradise Galleries elf doesn’t have the four point star in the eye. Besides hair looking different too.

The star in the eye could well be a flash point from the camera taking the photo. PG often uses the same mold and releases it with different outfits periodically. Also, PG dolls never look exactly the same in person as they do the photos. Particularly the wigs. So overall, I am convinced those she posted ARE PG elf dolls, just not sure from which time line.

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That’s true, customer pix always look different than Paradise Galleries and Ashton Drake website pix.