Identification Help Please!

Can anyone help me identify this ashton drake doll? A customer gave her to me to try and fix up and sell or whatever I want to do with her. She’s pretty big, maybe 22 inches or so. She’s got a pretty cute face and I think would make a nice reborn. And the second one is a bb kit, not sure which one though. She has 1 megan arm and both megan legs.


All of the second baby’s limbs have the same number on them, but the one arm and 2 legs are definitely Megan’s limbs. Maybe a knockoff? I don’t recognize that other arm at all. And the limbs and head were filled with loose tiny white things. Not poly pellets, I have no clue what they were but I didn’t want to touch it. The whole body is in the garbage because it was filled with the loose white things. So gross. I may just throw the whole thing away tbh Can you see the tiny white things mixed with the stuffing? The whole body is filled with them

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No idea on the first one, but the second looks like Bella.

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I opened up a tiny doll I found at a Thrift Store and it had the little white things in it in a pouch, I don’t know what it is though.

It’s fine in a pouch, I guess. But it was just loose and made a huge mess. I may throw the whole doll out if I can’t figure it out. Her limbs are so bizarre to me, why would they have the same serial number if they’re from different kits? A knock off is the only thing I can think for them, but why would someone do knock off megan limbs? And only change one? So weird.

That white stuff is pretty gross… lol.

Let me know the size of the body you need, and I’ll see if I have an extra one to send you with the Caleb body. I know I had one for Olivia’s baby but we used a full limb body. Are her arms full or 3/4?

It really is! I got all itchy afterward, finding gross stuff in a doll made me feel super icky lol
She’s really little, and has Megan limbs so a 16 inch body, 3/4 arms and full front legs would work. I made Kaelin who shares limbs with Megan and put her on a full legged body. She’s not very detailed and not super cute (to me) so I will send her with Caleb for you to give to a kiddo.

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I’ll look and see what I have. Not sure I have any 16” bodies though.

That’s okay, don’t worry about it. As soon as I can sell a doll i’m placing a big order for lots of supplies! The AD babe needs a new body too. I also have a Precious Gift she gave me but his body is okay. They all need to be stripped. Precious Gift is…interestingly painted lol

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The head of the second one is BB Bella. IDK who the first one is but it’s really cute. It might be easier to change the limbs than find a body to fit those.

It could be, but limb sets are so expensive lol I don’t know what i’m gonna do with her

You could always do a cuddle baby @MilosMeadows

Maybe, we’ll see. I really don’t like cuddle babies so I don’t want to do that unless I absolutely have to.

I found her! Her name is “radiance of joy” Here’s a pic of her with her original hair and outfit. She’s from the early 2000’s


She is a pretty baby

It will be so fun to see what you do with this smiling happy little one! I personally would like to know how the process goes and if it ends up worth your efforts when you are all done.

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Her vinyl is actually pretty soft. But she’s got a flat head and a small hole in the back that her wig would have covered. She’s still gonna be a wig baby but she’ll be getting some nicer blush than the icky orange blush she has lol I hope she reborns well cause she’s really cute!

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There is scented beads you can get from the same place that sells the hunnybug pacis. I have gotten some from Jillian before and they are small little white/clear beads like that maybe that’s what they are? I just place them loose in the body they are much stronger then the scented wafers so I don’t use much and I think if you wrap them in a stocking you would not smell them as well. I only use them on my keepers though.

Maybe, they don’t smell at all but who knows how long they were in there so maybe they lost their scent. They seem to be the main weighting in the head and body though, which I find bizarre if they were only scent beads. It’s a mystery lol Her body and stuffing are in a box to be thrown out, it’s too much work to clean the whole inside of the cloth body,and it doesn’t fit well anyway.

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