I wish we had

So I really want some of the newer realborns. And I keep waiting for them to be kit of the day but. Every one but the one I want goes on sale. Lol.
I wish we had a way to ask for specific ones.

I know that’s completely unrealistic. Lol. But I really want Kelsey. (I think thats her name )
And no luck for kit of the day yet. Lol


I’m curious if they are still doing sale kits by what they have the most of


I’m wondering the same thing since Harlow has been kit of the day a lot lately…I finally decided to get her (cause I needed the limbs for another kit that I want to have full limbs) and now I can make a bonus cuddle baby with the head (or use it for practice or let it sit here til someone needs it down the road). More possibilities than if I would have just purchased limbs (and about the same price).

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That sounds about right.

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I liked it better when they had a few kits on sale at the same time instead of just one a day. It gave you more options, it seems now you have to wait forever for the kit you want to be on sale and if your not quick enough you loss it.

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I think once this Covid stuff settles down and their shipments start coming back at a steady pace, the sales will be back. BB has always been really good about that.


Yes I to am wishing for a specific kit!! I miss the good old sales. When I first joined BB ,they had Halloween sale, all kits 50% off on that day. I REALLY miss that!! I’m just glad that during this difficult (health/financial) time they are discounting something. I’m wishing for Christopher to go on sale, I want both awake and sleeping but to afford it, one has to be discounted. :grin:

By the time I get up at 7AM start coffee and look it is out of stock!

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I don’t have realborns on sale here by us always pay the full prize :cry:

Even the regular sculpts they don’t do many sales i buy a lot on ebay U K ebay Germany

Same with me, I rarely catch any

I think things will get back more to normal after the Covid hold up is over and they can get their regular shipments again.

In which country do you live?

For about a week, they had them on sale and available for the whole day.

I Live in the Netherlands

I Orded once from bountifulbaby but it is 30,00 shipping and then when the package arrive i had to pay a lot off fees
Think it was 130,00 euro fees

Sorry was 35,00 euro fees + shipping 30,00 euro