I wanted to share

I wanted to share my Jenna with you but I can no longer upload pictures from my camera and that’s where the are. I REALLY wish BB would stop changing the forum format. I don’t find that there have been any great improvements with the changes and it seems that when they change one thing, it messes up another. It’s making me crazy. They need to fix it so it works on mobile devices.


Snugglebuns Nursery. It’s in the bronze section toward the bottom.

It wasn’t too bad, actually. I worked on it on and off for 2 days.


Is that a lot?

I was. I couldn’t wait to see if she’,d look how I envisioned her with hair. She does. Also, it’s not really thick. It’s long but kind of wispy. Now I have to finish my Bonnie Sieben ‘Angel’ for the prototype contest. The deadline is January 1st I believe.

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I have Angel too Jean!!! But, I don’t think I will enter the contest:-) she is cute like a chickadee!

She is cute but she’s got a really fat neck. It barely fits in the body. You should enter too. You’d knock their socks off if you won!

I won’t be able to start her until January! But I can’t wait to see yours! I bought mine from wispy willows on here over a week ago, but she isn’t here yet. I think she said she comes with a body… Did yours?

She does come with a body. I’m being extra meticulous with this one because of the contest. She’s about 1/2 painted.

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I can’t wait to see yours!!! :heart:️:heart:️