I want this to be a safe place

A while ago a posted, many of us did about a certain topic. I think on a forum you should be able to do that and know that you may be supported, you may be challenged but always you will be shown respect.

This is a big forum with a whole lot of very different people and there are flare ups and “Drama” once in a while but for the most part I am always amazed at how most people here are very respectful. I enjoy that and it makes me feel comfortable here and able to participate and post what I feel without censoring myself too much.

I have again been sent screen shots of a couple of my posts showing up on Facebook.

I am not going to get into why or to whom, not sure that is totally important. What is important to me is to feel safe here.

I am not sure if it is an understanding or a rule but I really don’t think it is cool to post without permission. I know this is a public forum but you have to be a member to contribute. I think as a member we all deserve respect.

If I wanted something written here to show up somewhere else I would post it there myself, I try to be honest here and in all parts of my life, this isn’t about fear or secrecy it is just about being kind and thoughtful.

I am not trying to be mean, I am not angry, this is not meant to ruffle feathers or place blame, it is a simple request.

Let’s keep this community safe, happy, and be respectful to each other. If you would like to share a post of mine simply ask me if I am cool with it. I am guessing I will be but when someone takes something I have written here and tries to use it to fuel someones fire it feels creepy and makes me feel uncomfortable sharing.

Really appreciate it and have an awesome Monday everyone! Holiday buying is beginning, time for us little elves to be hard at work in our workshops so our adorable babies can show up under some Trees!


Unfortunately, because this is a public forum where anyone can join, we have to be prepared that anything we say can and will be taken anywhere the paste button can put it. There are people who don’t care if we feel safe or not, or how dirty it is to take people’s words and post them elsewhere. There aren’t any safe places on the internet.


There is no such thing as a safe community online. You do not need to be a member to read posts only to make posts and comment on them. I have been bullied on this forum for being disabled but chose to come back because most members are nice.
Like we teach our children do not post anything online your not happy for the whole world to see, share and have access to forever. Unfortunately not everyone believes in respect, thoughtfulness and being kind.


Thank you for answering my question , I know sometimes ppl tend to have a panic mode ,and some will ask a question that made me feel very uncomfortable, that ppl love to start drama and judgment .but indeed I don’t think that a none member would have access to soy in any in general. It’s not very comment for that to happen .’and if someone is a coward and to take snap shots to start drama and to share it with the other party ,then he or she needs to be block ,I was very puzzled :confused: when that question was ask to me .that my jaw drop :flushed::flushed:. Thank you so much for clarifying things on this topic ,I do appreciated very much

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If that happens ,all you have todo is pray report it and ignore it ,by getting panic is not going to resolve anything, is just going to make it worst ,leave in god’s hands ,he is in control of all of our situation,:heart::heart:,
Be blessed

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There’s no safety on the internet. I stay out of forum drama and never post anything on social media that can come back and bite me.


It is sad that not everyone is ‘adult’ enough to respect each other
in this…or any other…forum.

I sincerely hope I treat others the way I would like to be treated…
and hope that this could actually happen here!!! :hugs:


I said it that last time that happened to you and I’ll say it again, that is just wrong. Yes, this is a public forum but you don’t copy peoples words and post them to social media without their permission. That is just wrong.


I agree with you who ever did it should have ask you. You do have great posts though.


You may be right but it doesn’t make it ok. I think asking kindly for that respect is the only thing I can do.

There may not be a lot of “safe” places but there are good people, I choose to be one, well I choose to do the best I can. It starts with one person (Lucky for me I know a lot of people here who are pretty kind and wonderful).

Thank you for your reply.


Karen, I admire that you take the high road.


Thank you.

I am going to be ok no matter what I just think it would be a kind thing to do to ask.


I learned the hard way, believe me :woozy_face:


Your right but unfortunately not everyone is kind.


And…that is sad…

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So true. Unfortunately, there are those in the world who feel the need to score brownie points by joining someone’s camp and tattling to that someone from whom they wish to gain some kind of approval, often for some of the most trivial reasons. We could go into the psychology of it, such as insecurity and whatever its cause may be, but what it boils down to is a person’s wrong choice to participate in “not so good” behavior, stir pots, and keep negativity going as long as they get attention or approval for it. It’s disrespectful. Every hobby or interest I’ve been involved with over the past 25 years of my life has had at least a few of these kinds. It’s just too bad they don’t care about how wrong it is to do it, which disrespects the principle of it.


I don’t do social media at all. Now hearing this about posts being taken without permission is why I don’t care for social media. This makes me feel unsafe and I can’t speak for others. If I decide to leave the forum, it is not because of any of you. You all have been respectful and kind to me. I have things that I cannot share. Nothing illegal. I try to live right. I am not perfect, no one is and I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. We are human beings.
With what happened to you, I understand how you feel. I don’t do social media because of things like this. What is put on the internet stays on the internet. I do not want anything I post to be put on social media.
I respect BB and this forum. I don’t like social media.


This really is a great forum, I don’t have many complaints and this isn’t a great big deal but you can’t get change unless you try asking nicely. I am not sure the person was trying to hurt me personally, I assume they were sharing from here to let other people know what is being said here.

Social media has its perks, it connects people who may never have connected in another way due to time and distance. Social media gives us a chance to make friends, belong to communities where we fit, where we have specific interests, it kinda levels the playing field for people with deficits, mobility issues, financial differences, social anxiety.

I know it comes at a huge price sometimes but I know so many people that would stay lonely if it were not for the internet. For some people it is just easier. Would it be better to find a way to get outside and connect in person, yup, but some people just can’t.

The big picture is that it really has not been around that long and we are all learning to behave.

I hope you choose to stay, this really is a fun (sometimes naughty) group.


Sadly, I do say what I mean and mean what I say, unfortunately, in today’s social aspect it’s either taken as bullying or drama, which I view as neither, I view it as truth. I was raised by pretty tough standards and I continued to follow those standards by joining the military upon graduating high school. I didn’t get as high as I did or received the awards and accolades I did by lying about others or causing drama. I also was stationed at one of the top bases after having a top security clearance. It doesn’t benefit me to lie…to other people it does, but eventually it will come back to them. I have seen the threats about our posts being shared and while I agree with you on our privacy, I find considering the source of the threat helps. Some people are huge storytellers. One of our posts where many of us expressed our feelings, wasn’t private until near the end, still as was mentioned, people join and screenshot for this very purpose and to try to use it against others as an intimidation tactic. You @Gabriell Gina, have only spoken with dignity and compassion, wise words that many should/could appreciate. You are never unkind. I am sorry this is happening again. Social Media has become less about enjoyment and more about destruction. smh…hugs


Amen to that. @Gabriell you all are a wonderful group of people.