I wanna try deco soft touch varnish

I totally forgot to seal my Landon awake. He has been assembled. I searched the hour glass n know that I can use it over gasp. My question is for those of you that have used it, did it leave n sheen? Should I but the ultra matte kind to use?

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On 8/15/2017 I wrote a blog post on using Corn Starch to make air dry varnish more matte. This is my own formula that has since been used successfully by many. It was through my product testing and research about artists using corn starch with acrylics as a matting agent that I came up with this. Here is the link to the original blog post and here is the formula below.


One of the brands of air dry sealers that a lot of artists favor is DecoArt Soft Touch Varnishes. They make 2 lines of it one by Decoart and the other by Americana. Either one will work because they are exactly the same. To verify this, I called DecoArt myself. I was told that indeed they are the same formula. To use it stir it in the jar first to be sure it is mixed well. You can paint it onto a piece of porous car washing sponge and pounce onto the vinyl. This will leave a dewy textured finish.
If you prefer a more matte finish like I do, use the varnish with corn starch in this method: 20 drops distilled water, 2 level Dash Spoons (or 1/4 tsp.) Corn Starch + 1 level disposable plastic spoon (like you eat with at a picnic) of DecoArt or Americana Soft Touch Varnish. Melt Corn Starch in water first then add the spoon of Varnish to it. Can be apply with a dampened wedge for a thin layer that is totally smooth. Force dry with a hair dryer. Reapply a 2nd layer if so desired.

You can also use the same formula using Arrow Root powder or RebornFX matting powder or the old BabyFX matting powder.

NOTE: I have been trying this with other varnishes with success as well. Golden Polymer Matte Varnish works well with this method also.


Ultra matte is shinier than the soft touch varnish… not sure why but soooo annoying.
I add a pinch of cornstarch to my soft touch (decoart)

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I ve been using the soft touch varnish on my last 5 dolls. I love it, it is working well with the luminaire paints, no shine and no paint peeling!

What is gasp stand for?

I’m sure she meant GHSP genesis heat set paints.

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Is this the item

Yes or this one


This is the one I use ^^

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Do you guys sponge it on?

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Yes, I seen you had mentioned your blog and you did a review on 3 varnishes n I read something about cornstarch. I also seen that some said the soft touch left a shine. I will try the soft touch with the corn starch. Thanks


yes I do.

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Thanks, that’s what I have as well, the decoart.

I did, thank you :blush:

I believe it was corn starch, unless someone used baking soda too.

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Thank you, I’m thinking cornstarch. My brain hasn’t been functioning properly lately.

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Just wanted to make sure you didn’t have them mixed up. Not sure what would happen, but wouldn’t want you to mess your baby up. :wink:

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I would be so hurt if I messed him up.

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So this is a water based matte varnish recipe that can go over oil based paints?