I thought about pricing correctly

I made a real exercise, something that I have never really done properly. The box opening subject had been an eye opener…

So I am in Canada and I have to buy all my kits and weighting material (including eyes, body, tiewraps etc) in USD. With the shipping being what it is.
I can save a little bit by buying my glass beads on Amazon and by sewing my bodies.
I have a minimum order on Bountiful Babies of 45$.

Lets say a regular kit asleep, with painted hair

Kit 45
Shipping 30
Body 10 (I still have to buy fabric and tie wraps)
Glass beads +polyfill 20
Magnets 2

So total 107$.
I multiply it by 2, for being able to buy more supplies, so 214

On that, I add my time, paint, brushes, mediums, pencils etc, so let’s say about 125$ fees, does it seem reasonable ?

I am at 339$. If I add a very ver small box opening, like an outfit (10), a blanket (5), socks and hat (8), a pacifier (5) and some diapers (2) that brings me at 369$, and I don’t include box, tissue paper, ribbons, care sheet, business cards…

Lets say a realborn, open eyes, rooted

I always put the full price because I don’t know if I will have it on sale or not when needed.

Kit 60
Shipping 30
Body 10
Glass beads +polyfill 20
Magnets 2
Mohair 20
Eyes 15 (oval glass)

157$. x 2 = 314 $

Add the artist fee 125$, its 439$ (notice that I don’t even add more for the rooting time consuming job)
Add box opening, that’s brings us to 469$.

I sell between 325 and 375$.

That’s mean I don’t have a lot profit. It’s like my time and art skills worth nothing.
You can say that I don’t have to multiply by 2 my supplies, but that’s not exactly how pricing works, right ? Unless you decide that that te artist fee of 125$ is my profit and money to buy more supplies.
I was always working in selling goods, so for me that’s the way, but…

I am curious about your opinion, if you think my numbers are ok or not.

It may help newbies that want to sell.


It is a good calculation. I have done something similar twice now and have come to about the same conclusion. I do materials x 3. I have a gogle sheets in which I can plug in kit cost and get an answer for quotes :wink: needless to say, when I considered shipping, it was shocking how much each baby cost.


Ooh, I like the idea of a spreadsheet!

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Like Excel ? I think I have something similar in my laptop. Good idea !


It’s small and a screenshot, but you get the idea.


For people in Canada unfortunately a BB kit cost same like you buy it from Machpersons.
Since no sales at BB + border are closed I wasn’t able to buy any Bb kits. Shipping is $30 + since the pandemic they always charge custom fees . Before it was random so some parcels you pay some don’t .

Your pricing is good , I do break it down . The problem is many people want a doll for very cheap ( a high quality one ) .
They never take the time to look up what goes into it or simply don’t care .
I am not making this for a living , but I have to sell some to be able to buy more supplies .


I always use the x3 formula to compensate for all the unseen expenses like printer ink, shipping supplies, ebay & Pay Pal fees, paint and other chemicals, memberships, etc. I’ve heard that the profit margin should be 4 to 1 on this kind of product due to artistic considerations. I can never understand how people are selling dolls so cheap as I see them on reborns.com sometimes. It seems to me that they are losing money.


Very true.

To be able to buy more supplies and keep the price low, the only way is to don’t multiply by 2 or don’t add artist time and materials.

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This formula only apply for the supplies and fix cost, not for the time, tho. You can’t charge 3x your time.


As artists it’s our responsibility NOT to let customers command this. This is art! If they want cheap, they can buy from the China sites and get what they pay for. If they want quality, they can save up for it. If they want something in between, they can go to Ashton Drake.
Here is how I see it…there are plenty of decent Reborns in the $200 price range from newbies. Let the newbies have that market! Let them develop their skills while being able to recoup some of the money they spent. But once they figure out what they are doing, they need to raise their price. And keep raising their prices as they get better and better. I see several really good artists, pricing their dolls really low because they want everyone who wants one to be able to afford one. Screw that! They CAN get a decent one from a newby. It hurts the newbies for a skilled artist to stay in their price range, and it also hurts the rest of us who price our dolls correctly. Not to mention…the artist who underprices her work is losing thousands of dollars a year in potential profit. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I don’t ever put what I paid as the value for a finished doll. Art isn’t a quantitative measure. I sold my dolls for a lot more 10 years ago then they’re typically selling for now. I put what I think it’s worth and wait. If it sells great, if not whatever but I’m not doing this work to give them away. It’s like my parents taught me about self worth… if you put value on yourself others will see it too. Your dolls are lovely, don’t undersell yourself. :heart:


The point is, with reborns, it’s between art and good, unlike sculpting and painting, and photography. But even thoses include a part of their expenses in the price.
For majority of people, reborns are considered just like other dolls. It’s sad, but it’s the reality today.
I wish they where only seen as work of art, not toy ! That would be so great !


Can I ask, where you’ve got paints and needles, I mean I don’t need to buy new paints and needles for every baby so would I be adding the price of buying a whole new set of both?

I get paint from McPherson’s and paints from Hobby Lobby. I get brushes from all over. The $20 is just a general wear on all of my colors all and my brushes and the use of quite a bit of gamsol :slight_smile:


I barely break even. This def isn’t something I make money doing. I just do it because it gives me something to do. :wink:


Thank you for clarifying for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please. Do not under sell yourself. If you are an established artist with skill. Customers know artists just want to make a sale.

Take the power away from them.

I refuse to haggle now and the last 3 dolls I sold. Sold for 400$ and up. I set the price and let them sit.

They took longer than I like to sell. But I had 3 happy customers and I got the price I wanted.

Do we go into the store and expect a cheaper price just because? No.

So stop letting people run your business for you.


I think the quality of the finished doll should be reflected in the price. If it is a poor quality and a atrocious looking doll then it is not worth as much as a cheaper kit and with better quality of work. And the artist name should not decide price either. Seen some poor work produced by some well known artist that sold for quite a bit just for the name. I remember seeing two prototypes. One by a well known artist and the other by a newer artist. The newer artists doll was so much better but the better known artist’s doll sold for so much more.


One thing you forgot to add is the tax you have to pay when you get your order delivered. :canada:


Oh yes, from BB, I forgot ! :laughing:

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