I think my addiction is getting out of control!

So as a lot of you know I sold a lot of good kits on here Well in the meantime I had to leave for work. I had to travel for a few days so as I’m traveling of coarse I’m looking at all your babies you all made wishing I was home to reborn mine. Well to make a long story short I have bought more kits I need to stop!! I bought Clover an jasper, Clyde from BB also bought Edley by Elisa Marxs an I been wanting Angeli also an I had to look at the for sale an wanted page on here an yup bought her too both very good prices. Yup that’s my excuse couldn’t pass up the price lol ok I bought Dasiy by Bonnie brown an now trading 2 kits to a women on bb forum in Canada. My niece wants to make this zombie baby

an of coarse its Tory an he’s sold out an being discontinued. So doing a trade for Tory an Sienna. Well Sienna is for me lol Seriously I need to stop buying kits. I’m not home an I think I’m having reborning withdrawrals. I got home late yesterday afternoon an I sit at my craft table an I’m looking around an I have way to many kits oh let’s not forget Anastasia I had to buy her because she was cheap too lol I really think I need to stay off websites when I’m away. I’m gonna try not to buy anymore kits unless they are a preorder that I may want an yes I have 6 kits on preorder. That’s it I have to stop myself from buying anymore kits. I have to say clover, jasper, daisy an Angeli are wicked cute kits. I haven’t got Clyde yet I did buy him an Jasper on 2nds so no coa but who cares lol then I remember next weekend is Labor Day an BB usually has a really good sale an I need one more kit Thomas awake then I will have them all lol ladies and gentlemen I’m a reborn addict an I think someone need to cut up my credit cards :yum::yum::yum::yum:


Does anyone know if this zombie baby was made by anyone on here? A women I sold kits to like over a year ago sent me this picture

so we are gonna try an copy the Tory zombie

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