I think I'm going to cry

When I first joined, I asked people when they decided to sell. I have finished 6 babies, and have 12 or so to go…it’s going to get crowded…I’m thinking the day is coming when I’m going to have to part with some of them…I’m sad about that, but I know it’s unrealistic to keep them ALL! I’m gonna just have to do it! Never thought it would come to this point; guess I’ll get to experience all the frustrations of others…waahh, sob, sob, what if they don’t take care of “my” baby the right way?

Think of it this way - When you sell a few, you will get dolly dollars to make more. And they will only get better as you learn new techniques and become more skillful.

And, people don’t usually spend xy dollars on the doll they don’t intend to be careful with. I’ve recently sold one of my favorites (my siggy Honey), and I was a bit sad. But that doll has earned me more than my monthly rent. And the next one I make will be even better
I’ve decided I’d try and sell all of them except a few limited edition dolls that will be my keepers. Too crowded in my tiny, tiny apartment, and I still have a lot of unfinished kits!

I guess that’s the way I’ll have to look at it…it’s just such a big change in attitude for me…from my own beautiful keeper babies, to them as a commodity. I find with each one I’m not as attached to it as I had been previously, and really had a difficult time understanding the “make and sell” strategy. But now I’m starting to get it. It’s not that I feel detached, like I’m knitting a sweater or something, but I’ve come to realize how unrealistic and foolhardy it is to make every single one of the babies in the Gallery, and KEEP them all! So now I get it, with a rueful smile. In a way, it ups the ante, because while I may tolerate my own mistakes for myself, I wouldn’t want anyone to BUY it that way! Matter of pride. I have no idea how and when I’ll do this, I’m going to need some advice I guess. Maybe I can start off with craft fairs?

Craft fairs are a great way of promoting your dolls, but don’t expect them to sell. Most craft fairs are paying off only to the people selling cheaper handmade items such as jewelry and decorations. And people rarely take that kind of cash with them. But, you can always give them your business card and hope for them to call.

I know how you feel. LOL I used to think my first reborns were perfect, and that I will never part with them. Boy, was I wrong! Now I see so many mistakes and am amazed that the ones I didn’t like had sold. Keep in mind that people who don’t do reborns don’t also see the little mistakes we do (unless the doll is terrible haha).

Yeah, you’re right about craft fairs and cash. I just don’t know what I’m going to do if they all become keepers!

Try listing on Etsy.com first. It is very cheap to list there, like 20 cents or so. Ebay is more traffic but then there is more competition and lots more fees.

I have parted with some of mine…some I just ended up not liking the sculpt or just didn’t care for the doll. At first, I was worried about selling something that to me wasn’t perfect. But I make it clear in the description that I’m just starting out and that they aren’t perfect and have them at a low price…some for only what I paid in supplies. But that has allowed me to learn and move on without going too broke. I just need to get busy and make some more now. I’m like you in that I want to have one of this one and one of that one and… but have discovered that so far only two have really gotten under my skin.

And even the ones that aren’t your favorites are going to be hard to tape up and send off. It helps to already be started on the next one before I list the one I’m selling. That way I’m already excited (or frustrated!) enough to stay busy and am looking forward to how this one will turn out. I have to mail one off today. So I have 4 in the works plus Moby who is waiting for a few accesories and a different body after all…but she is staying with me!

It is hard to do but you just have to let go. We are with you here.

I’m just so surprised at how my attitude has changed over time…from I’m never going to part with them, to thinking “I’m not very attached to this one.” I’m just thinking that is so wierd for me. but I’m working on Ben, and I just can’t “get into” liking him all that much…Teagan is now a WIP, but she’s too cute to part with. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see! Thanks for the shoulder to cry on!

I don’t know if any of you feel this way? I felt horrible in the beginning about selling my dolls- partially because I got attached to them- but also kind of an"insecurity" of not being able to do it again?? Like my confidence just wasn’t there…but a couple plus years down the road, I am looking at some of the dolls I made in the beginning, and I am ready to sell a few ( of my “attached” babies), because i know my know my skills are much improved- and that I can always do it again and only better!

That’s reassuring…I guess I wouldn’t want to keep some of my early ones…Karen in NE said her first is in a shoebox in a closet!! I’ll probably get to that stage, too!

i am in love with all four of the ones i have made so far. The first we are keeping because he was the experiment. the second i hope sells. She is good, but not great. I have seen MUCH MUCH worse! But number 3 is just adorable and now number four is so stinkin sweet… I HAVE TO SELL THEM!! IT doesn’t help that my daughters nearly cry at the thought of them going away. I too sometimes think, what if the next one stinks?? what if these were one hit wonders??? I guess i need to make so more… just to be sure

Your Milo in your siggy is just adorable! If he is one you are debating on I can see why you would want to keep him!
He looks great as a baldie too!

I am having the same problem letting go. If I list one, I list it high so I can keep it. I think I am a sick puppy. I want to keep them all and am out of room.

I know how you feel…I am only on # 9 & 10 . Have kept # 1 and 2 and one other. All the rest are gone. Sad to see them go but, no room at the inn, and the feedback from the recipients made it all worth while.
Then I get excited about starting another. Lol. I have an Esme kit which may be a keeper…just love her!
I do this as a hobby as I have work that is close to full time, so as a result I’m a tad slow in finishing a kit.

Yes I knew I wouldn’t be keeping many (or any) but some are so darn cute…

Yes. I started off with craft fairs. Then I saw that a new doll shop was opening in town and now she sells them for me. One way I look at it is that, in addition to making enough money to make more dolls, if there is one I really, really love, I can make another one for me to keep! I had sold all my dolls so then decided I would make one for me to keep, one for the shop, one for me, one for the shop, etc. so I can have some of my own babies!