I think I lost my head!

I think I lost a head. I took her to work and rooted her. I wanted to glue her hair in tonight so I went to my truck after church to get her head and my battery is dead, so no lights at all. I left the lights on this morning when I got home. Drats! Cross your fingers for me I either left her head at work or in my truck hidden in the dark.

Hoping now that it’s daylight that you’ve found your head…or that at least you didn’t leave it in the mailbox with the flag up…you might give the post office man a heart attack! LOL…Of course, at least you could help him! Also hoping you get your truck jumped off ok.

Ladies I am sorry it took so long to respond. I have had a rough day. No my babies head is not in my truck, my fingers are crossed it is in my room at work. I had to go back to the ob/gyn today. I am having some issues. I thought I was goign for a talk and had a pap and a vaginal ultrasound and blood work then because new fibroid showed up and my lining is too thick he decided to do a biopsy of my lining. This he did with no deadening. It also causes several days of severe cramping and bleeding since I now have an open sore. JOY! JOY! Anyway I hope she is in my room I will let you know, if not oh my gosh I am so gonna cry and reorder the sculpt and do it again. It was rooted and ready to glue. I tried to get hubby to bring it home when he stopped but he did not want to. Grrr!

I to have had the same health issues so just rest u can worry about the head when u feel beter if that’s the swap baby I’m sure your partner well understand if its late i know i would

Oh Debra I had that a few years back and I was down for a few day… I really hurt alot and had lots of cramping to … Hope you get to feeling better…

Thank you ladies for all the prayers. I am at work and feeling much better today.as long as I do not have to lift more than couple hundred lbs I should be ok. I wanted to let you know I came into to work this morning and my baby head was on the refrigerator in my room at work, Thank God! Yes, it was swap baby and it’s all good. I was not so sure about her when I ordered her but I must admit she has grown on me.