I think I found my little brother as a kit!

I was just looking through some kits online and I see franklin by Elisa Marx and he is a twin to my little brother! I saw him and am stunned by how much they look alike… Here is the pic I saw

And here is my little brother

My mom wants one of my reborns and I think I may have just found the perfect kit for her😀


Wow they do look alike😀

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Perfect match!

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I’m going to let my mom have a look, see what she thinks lol she’ll probably ask how they got her little sully lol

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They do look a lot a like but your brother reminds me of other sculpt I can’t remember right now. But what a cutie!?

I think he looks more like Clyde asleep. Either way, he’s precious.

That is a great match!

Looks like a perfect match. I love the Franklin sculpt.

Kase asleep. He look like Kase asleep to me.


Kase asleep looks even more like him than Clyde asleep. Will you let us know which one your mom thinks is the best likeness?


I see Kase Asleep as the perfect match!

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I think your brother is much cuter than that sculpt. IMO the kit’s crease on the nose is way too deep. Your brothers face looks relaxed and serene, happy. :grinning:

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That is awesome, I bet she would love him.

She loves Franklin! I can see Kase asleep in him a bit but he was a huge chunker when he was born 9 pounds! And the realborns run kinda small . she loves the kits name as well, Franklin was her brothers name.

I definitely think he looks much more like Kase asleep but if your mom likes Franklin------do Franklin. EASY PEASY !!!

Here’s a pic while he’s crying. Besides the open mouth he matches quite a bit


Hey, if momma’s happy, that’s what counts. Have fun reborning him!

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Good news !!! Enjoy the reborning…