I think I better stop shopping

Last week I received the oily mohair, generously mixed with “salt&pepper” strands, over which I am having PP dispute.

Then arrived the baby blue material for my pram. It has 2 sides, one is sort of hopsack and the reverse is smooth; I know that for the Silvercross prams they use the hopsack side, but I wanted to use the smooth side. The original (from 1880s) was sort of smooth vinyl coated cloth - not sure if it has name. It arrived with white marks as it was folded on the side I wanted to use. I let the seller know (after leaving positive FB - I did not look at the whole thing) and he explained that it is not reversible. That’s OK, I though, maybe I either keep it for my Silvercross pram that could do with new hood anyway, or just sell it and at least get some money back. That was when I realised it was cut on slant so much that it was about 6" out, and there is no way, I can get the hood out of it! So, back to the seller, and he was lovely and refunded the whole amount. That’s good, but makes me feel awful for having to, within one week, claim two full refunds without sending the items back. To send these items back o/s would cost $80 each, which is more than I paid for them.

Then I decided to finally finish my Forget-me-not fairy, and went to look for little Forget-me-not flowers. And found perfect ones, and bought them. Please, look at the listing and assure me that is what I am getting

I could not possibly have 3rd significantly not as described item!!!

No, this is exactly what I want = 10mm blue frosted lucite, all the info needed was in the title, and the photo so I bought them, then last night I looked again and this time scrolled down and in the description it said : color - mixed

I contacted her and she asured me they are blue; it was a mistake in the listing
Sorry I did not make it very clear, I could not sleep and it was about 5 am here.
… and I have gold seed beads to go in the middle of these flowers

I’d better stop shopping before my hubby strangles me or steals my brain (because I memorized the credit card info!) As for the beads, I can’t wait to see what you do with them. I’ve always loved them but couldn’t figure out a way to use them for anything because of where the hole is. Great for adding a center but not so great if you string them together. love the blue!

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As for the beads, I can’t wait to see what you do with them.

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i have used these sort of beads for my fairies for some time; I make jewellery with them by threading them on elastic “fishing line”. I thread the line from the back of the flower then thread a seed bead, and pull the line back. That how I did the flowers in Summer’s hair:

These are bigger than the blue, but I have some of the smaller ones too, I wanted only pink and pale blue so once I bought whole big bag of mixed colours. I ended up with every colour imaginable, including black but only few of pink and 2 blue! I have been searching for blue ever since, it has been for over a year. LOL So I nearly died when I saw the “mixed colour” down in the description They should be here tomorrow or the day after.

My 3y.o. granddaughter came today over, and met 1/2 finished Forget-Me-Not fairy for the first time. She asked what is her name, and when I said Forget-Me-Not, she looked bit bewildered. I repeated it few times, and she did not seem to be able to repeat it. Then I said; "Oh, that’s OK, if you cannot say it, we have to think of another name for her, to which she replied: “Yes, we have to find a new name for Forget-Me Not” LOL I replied; “but you just said it!” And she kept saying; “No I did not, I cannot say Forget-Me-Not” . LOL

   Poor baby was probably wondering why senile old grandma thought she was going to forget the fairy and had to keep reminding herself not to!  Sort of like when I wander around a store muttering to myself not to forget to get bread!  She is adorable, by the way, and so is the fairy!

Sweet little girl and I am happy to see the fairy held by a child. I had her as smaller in my mind’s eye! Both are adorable!

You have an adorable grand baby