I still have free seats

Hello my dear friends!

I still have free seats for my rooting class in Utah.(Rose Doll Show) If someone is interested you can register here. I look forward to you all!


Oh man I wish!! @Jacky Will you be filming the course for purchase? I have to get ready to go off to college during the show. :slight_frown:


That is such a great, idea for all of us who desperately want to root like Jacky but can’t make it. :slight_smile: I’d definitely buy a video.

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Yep! Susan Gibbs is hosting a silicone painting class, and I can’t go to that one either. She’s filming that course and I’m definitely buying it!

So sorry! I have unfortunately not the necessary equipment to film it.:kissing_heart:

I wish I could make it too, bummer

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