I Sold My First Baby! <3

Okay so last December I created my first baby, from the Sadie kit by Marissa May. She started out as a bald little girl, but the more I looked at her, the more she screamed “BOY” at me.

Cute as he was, there was just something that wasn’t sticking with him, so off to EvilBay he went…several times…withno luck…

After crashing in the spare room for nine months with my other two boys I made, something happened…

…he spontaneously grew a pair of fangs.

Around the same time a good friend of mine contacted me asking me about a custom order when I sent this little guy’s picture, and she fell head over heels for him. I got to hand deliver this baby and the look on his new mommy’s face when she opened him was absolutely priceless <3

Here he is with his cousin Josephine right before he went home.


Awesome !

Congratulations! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:



Congratulations on your sale!

Congratulations! I hope that boy didn’t bite little Josephine though, LOL!

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How cool!

Really cute fangs!

Congratulations :tada::grinning: