I Set up a Facebook for my Reborn Nursery

I set up a facebook Page just for my reborn babies what do you think?

Please like this page.


I set the account up because my sister started advertising that I would be taking orders for christmas babies without asking me first and then she didn’t know where to send them for pricing information or where they can go to pick a kit or anything. I spent most of this morning and afternoon setting up this facebook account. Lets see if I get any orders.

It looks great. I love all the undone kits in the banner picture!

Love it…sent you a friend request😊

I thought that was a cute pic too.

Your new site looks really great! I sent you a friends request!!

Sent u a friend request :wink:

Thank you everyone that sent me a friend request.

I like your page and sent you a friend request…good luck with those orders…!!..

I sent you a friend request ~ good luck! :thumbsup:

I like it was it hard to do? My sons girlfriend keeps telling me she is going to come help me set one up, but she never shows​:cry::cry:

Just be careful with an actual account instead of a page they shut them down. They want everyone to get a page which is easier for customers to find and you can advertise to a wider community there too. Which is what I do.

Best of luck with your Christmas orders. :slight_smile:

No it wasn’t hard to do but I am working on setting up an actual page instead, I wasn’t aware that you could set a page for a business.

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This is the new page please like.

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It looks great! I have “liked” it. :slight_smile:

I liked it, too :thumbsup:

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Thank you for liking my page. I hope it helps with getting some orders, but if not it will be fine because I am still working on advancing my skills and I am getting there but I am getting there.

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