I recently bought this baby on Ebay?

The Ebay listing states she is Mia by Maribelle Villanova.

I’ve looked on Google etc but I can’t find a Mia sculpt by that artist. I think she May be Nicolas?

Does anyone know?

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I can definitely see similarities between this kit and Nicolas, but I’m looking at the few lower quality images of the Nicolas kit that I can find and - do you see the higher wrinkle on your doll’s eyelid? - on Nicolas that wrinkle begins on the inside corner of his eye (near the nose) whereas your doll’s seems to start on the outside. That could totally just be because of the low image quality though! Because the rest looks really similar.

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It’s very similar to Nicolas but the eyelid creases are different. Could it be an older kit?

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Thank you, yes I noticed that to. I only found a few of her kits on Google. Perhaps there is a Miya kit x

Yes I think perhaps it’s an older kit. I shall keep looking on Google xx

I checked Google again. I found an interview that was done with her. They asked her to list all her kits. Anne
Lucia (lucinda)
My baby

There is no Mia. I shall Google them all see if she pops up lol xx

I think it might be Maria?

I can see similarities there, too. If it is her they used different limbs, right? On your doll the left index and middle finger are fused, but on the blank kit it shows that those fingers are separated.

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I thought it might be Maria, too, but her mouth isn’t as open and her eyelid creases are different.


Yes it looks that way on the pics I showed. This is another pic from her ebay listing. It shows the hands better x

I’m really not sure. That is supposed to be a list of all her kits she has made. Her fingers look the same in the other pic I added x