I really missed everyone!

A week ago mon Hubbys Mom was addmited to the hospitafor several days and I stayed with her (she refused to stay unless I did ) anyway I got home and slept 1 night in my own bed and my back went out !!! have been in bed for a week and am better today !!! YEA!!!
I missed everyone and have only been up very breifly and on very little untill now -SO whats everyone doing ??? Catch me up- I miss yea !!!

I am so much better today -and Kaizer only has these bench like seats that you can sleep on if you stay with a patient they are hard as a rock !!! But I quess it is better than County -they give ya a reg chair !!!

Glad to see you back here, Cher!

I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law… how is she doing now?

Oh… I sent you a PM with some news!

Carmen M.

Mom is doing better -she had Very low blood suger (thats what happens if you take injectable insalyn and dont EAT!!!) they at first thought she had a stroke and possable blood clots in the lungs -but it was the blood suger and phumonia (again !) She is very strong willed and only does what she wants and its killing her !!! They also want to check for alshimers in a couple weeks -
And Carmen —WOO HOO !!! You go girl !!!

Glad to have you back! Hope your MIL is feeling well and hope your back isnt hurt too bad after those benches!

missed you !!! glad you are back!!!

Aww thanks guys - I love ya all!!!

Doing SOOOO much better today -going to church tonight !!!

Hey Girl! Glad you are back up and about!!! Take care of yourself…those backs are tricky things. Glad your MIL is doing better but she needs to do what is good for her and not what she wants I will be praying for both of you!!!