I really don't see the advantage

I changed my reborns.com membership from bronze to silver for 2 months to see if it would make any difference in exposure. The description says it will show under Just Born when first listed. It does, but the new baby I just listed shows up halfway down the 4th page of Just Born. I don’t consider that any advantage at all for a higher priced membership. I had trouble finding it and I knew it was there. Seems like the newest ones should show up at the top and rotate down as more are added, not start toward the bottom and move up (maybe).


I agree.

They are also posted on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve had the gold and may keep it for awhile. I like the exposure even if I’m not selling a lot.

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I feel like I got better exposure with the bronze membership. At least I could find them. I don’t use Instagram or Facebook. Do those sites refer them to reborns.com?

I had the gold membership and just downgraded to Silver. I did not notice much of a difference from gold to Silver. The new babies I ad still go on the front page. Depending on how many babies are added after mine, sometimes they stay on the front page for a while and sometimes they are moved off more quickly. My silver plan babies stay on the front page just as long as my gold plan babies did. I don’t do Customs normally, so I did not need the extra space that gold offered, but I did want front page exposure, which the bronze does not offer. I babies also rotate through that carousel on the top just as frequently on Silver as they did on gold. It is really hard to tell the difference between what each plan will do for you because the market is so capricious.

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Yes they do.