I QUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well right now this is how i am feeling. I have now had to strip my poor spencer 4 times! One time cause my grandaughter decised to paint her with the mint green paint straight from the jar. I was out and her grandfather was watching her. I had to strip her last night cause i grabed the acidtone instead of the thinner to add to my paint. Couldnt figure out why the paint came right off. Then today i had to stop so many times to stop fights with my two grandchildren ( they both are ADHD ) that i forgot where i left off so i guessed. Well after the last bake she looked a purple red color LOL. Oh ya did i tell you my grandaughter got her hands on my camara and now i cant find the card that holds the picturtes. My camers is 12 years old so i cant buy a new one. So how have your day been ladies? Any ways, i noticed that spencers toes and fingers has a tint of yellow to them and i was woundering is there a wash i can do to fix this and also be able to apply to all the vinyl so i can still make him look good? Gosh i have had terrible luck with my last two reborns. Is this a test i’m being put through?

Awww will look at it as a learning experience !!! I know you really dont want to hear this but …I would strip him again and start over -Reborning is not a good thing to do when your going to be distracted -what with watching timers and paint and layers… YEA ya need to be able to stay focused-you poor thing !! HUGS

Guess you’re so right Cher, Guess my reborning starts when they go to bed. I cant get mad at them for they are only kids and i love them both so much. it would be nice if my husband would just help watch them so i can focus alot better.

Well being the midwife that I am -I look at reborning as the labor process and if you were in labor you would need to consentrate and focous on getting this baby born -so when I have the Grand babies over or alot of things to do or Kitties to care for alot-no painting that day .
It sounds like you have your Grand kids living with you and that they are alot of work (as well as JOY) maybe you could get hubby to releave you for the hrs after dinner and before bed time -or maybe get into a co-op where you could have a day or two each week free for so many hrs -or even see if there is a 12-13 yr old in your church that would come after school for a couple hrs for cheep and “play” with them while ya paint -there has to be away for you to have SOME free time and make this all work -you will be a better Grama for it and a better Reborner ,and wife , and Mother and …

Children are exactly why it takes me weeks to finish a baby. I work on mine in between tending to my great-nephew and -nieces. You don’t get alot accomplished when little people are feeling needy…but you have to love them!!! Accept up front the longer a time frame and work only when you have enough time to complete a step. and KEEP NOTES! I jot down the last step and cross it off when complete.
And on the up side. I can never get carried away with a paint color because I am always just working one.step.at.a.time…
Chin up!!! we are all here for venting and encouraging…post a pic of Spencer and let us see how he’s doing.

Thank-You everyone!! You are all the best!! I feel so much better today. Yes Cher my grandchildren live with me. They are the light of my life. Usually when they see that i am working on a doll they know not to bother me. But yesterday they were both having a bad day. Joey (8) just started a new medication and Starla ( 3 ) cant get on any meds till she’s 6 or 7. 2 weeks ago when the dr told us that she had ADHD Joey started crying and when i asked what was wrong he said “I dont want her to have this too! I don’t want her to go through what i do with ADHD” I think what makes it hurts more is the so called dad wants nothing to do with them. Spencer is striped and washed. Yes Cher, Spencer is giving me a long labor! LOL

Thank-You i’m going to have to try the coffee and mountain dew!