I need to see some size comparisons for Jewel please

Does anyone have a Jewel kit and a triplets kit that you can show me side by side for size comparison?

If not that show Jewel next to a Camryn kit or other 19" kit.

I have a customer trying to decide if Jewel will be too small for what she wants and I don’t have the kit in stock and have never seen it in person.

I think Jewel is the same size as the pratt triplets and I belive they even have the same limbs

They don’t have exactly the same limbs as the triplets. The triplets are listed as being 16-17" and Jewel is listed as 18" but I see now they are all listed as using the same size body. So I guess they are similar in size and I have reborn Taite and Tayla so I know what they are like. Thanks!

Well when it is all said and done the buyer decided she wants Kadence instead! LOL! Off to order her now.

TC Angie, but I love your siggy baby!

Thank you Sara! She has already sold and went to VA. However, I have a custom order for another just like her! I ordered that today too.