I need to know who

This baby is? He’s so adorable! I must get him…

That kit is a Faith kit, by Heather Boneham, it is out of stock.


She’s available over at Irresistibles.

Thanks, ladies!

That was one of my first kits, however, I thought the limbs were very odd. The face is very cute but also different. I wound up using it for practice. I wouldn’t want to pay full price for it. That is just my personal viewpoint. She is also small, 16in I think. Idk, I just didn’t like that kit at all. Just look her over real well before you buy.

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I assume she would be cheaper at BB. If it isn’t a need right now, maybe when she is on sale some day

Very much agree. I hated the limbs. I made mine an alien

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Maybe I could find a different set of limbs. I think the face is adorable

Here are the feet… they are long then the big toe is separated from the others with a gap then the other 4 toes are all connected.
She is 16 inches… so Megan/Tayla/Teagan/Miles limbs and Bean (full limbs) should fit.

1st picture is mine. I think his limbs are just great, maybe its preferences. I was in love with this little hands ! I will certainly made an other if I can !

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You did a super job with him! I fell in love :slight_smile:

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Thank you !