I need some HELP!

I had an accident last night baking my baby and I am about to pull my hair out. Suggestions please! The arm fell off of the baking sheet some how and the hand briefly touched the electric burner element in the bottom of the oven.

I tried to put some paint on it and fix it and I trimmed the pieces sticking up. I first tried to put in the oven and rebake then smooth it down it did not help any at all.

All I can think of is gently sanding it down and turning it into a “scratch” using thick medium and some paint. It won’t look extremly nice, but it should cover the burn…

Friki has a good plan. Anything now is worth a try so I’d say go for it other than that you might need a new arm

i dont know how to fix it but i am sooooo sorry!!!

OUCH! sorry that happened. If it were my baby I would probably start looking for a new arm

Actually my husband was standing next to me and all I could think to hollar was HELP GET MY BABY! Which was so stupid

I would just order another arm and paint it to match. Been there and done that BTW and it is heart breaking!

Whose hand is it? BB usually has parts for sale and you may even be able to get a set of arms (possibly even seconds) for cheap. Even if you have to use arms from a similar size baby. Just a consideration.


I agree-- get another arm. You can’t really fix that.

There are sets for $3- $5 depending on what size you need.