I need help with a Match -

Can you help me with a match for this baby???

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This one kinda looks like her- Brian by Phil Donnelly-I will keep looking.

Do you think BB’s Holly could be a match?


Her smile looks like Holly’s I also see Juan!!

Yes Kristi -

I looked at Juan, too. But I liked the shape of Holly’s head and not too long of a forehead like Juan. I think the distance between her upper lip and nose is the same as Holly’s.

Anyone else wanna add their $.02 please.


hmmm - ya know - they are both Rubert sculpts so they are gonna look similar. Maybe not so pointy a chin with Holly.


She reminds me of Audrey Pratt…

I thought of Elise with the nose and mouth or maybe Blaze

Debora -
I think your right with Elise - I just wish she was a 23-25" baby.