I need help from someon who is on Doll Fan

I registered and paid my subscription on May 28th. I have not been able to login except for once since then. I have sent numeral messages to Board Administrator and to the support tech email stating how frustrating this is etc. I did all the suggested stuff, like dumping my cache…gee I had never done that and it took 33 minutes to do!..must have needed doing! Anyway it still doesn’t work. My name showed up on the newly registered until it was replaced by more members. When I go to the subscription place it shows I am paid currently etc. There is NO reason I can find that would explain all this.
I am particularly peeved about no responses to my more than 10 emails.
Can someone who is on Doll Fan, and can post there please post something about my problem and see if that will get a response from someone who can help?
My email is joysown@aol.com…I figure that is important because I can’t email anyone from the site either.
Thanks so much, I know this is not Bountiful Baby talk, but most of you are members there as well.
Joy Franklin
Nanas Joyful Babies and yes, there are 2 spaces after Nanas on Doll Fan…that was a mistake I made when I registered. But I have faithfully used that with glitch when trying to log in…and no success nor any response.

Thankyou both so much! I was finally successful! I can’t thank you both enough.
Just so you guys will know: I was using the "contact Board Administrator on the failed log in page. I also found a link within a post that i could access that was “support tech”. Both were click ons that then automatically would popup an email screen.
Thanks so much…since it is working I will see you there!!!