I need another work table area!

In my designated craft room I have a computer desk, my painting desk, my sewing table and cribs with my babies in them. I am finding that I really need an alternate table so I can paint with Genesis while I am waiting on a silicone to cure. When I paint with silicone I clean off my work space and try not to contaminate it so I am afraid to introduce any Genesis on the table at the same time. I am thankful to have my little work room but it is so crammed full! I am not sure if I can change the arrangment any to suit my needs. There are intake vents, air vent, window and closet on 3 of the 4 walls so that limits me in what I can cover up too. Here is a photo of how it is now.


That white crib in the back corner behind your chair …,… you could fix a pull down desk on the wall that comes down over the crib top when you need temporary extra space maybe?

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Maybe but I would be afraid of getting paint on the babies and also I don’t have a handyman type hubby. LOL!

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Hmmm I have no idea then, I have similar issues, I have a corner in my room that I have my desk but I could do with a second desk, I would have to get rid of a set of drawers that I keep my clothes in to make another desk fit.

Do I need clothes? :rofl:

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A foldable table you can take down when not needed?

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My situation is similar to yours. A writing desk in my bedroom. If only we could have all of the space, time, energy, money, and supplies required to fulfill our reborning dreams.

Oh, and a line of customers out the door would be great as well.


I would love a room dedicated to reboring where I could have an area for painting, an area for rooting, for photography & boxing up dolls, it’s nice dreaming!


I do have one but I have such small floor space left it gets very crowded.

Yes, dreams are wonderful and important to have.

I’d love to have a dedicated space use as a nursery. Although I’d much rather have my daughter here at home than the extra space. She’s a lot of fun. Great sense of humor, caring heart, and a thoughtful conversationalist.

When she’s ready, she will spread her wings and fly. I’m just appreciating the time I get with her still being at home. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: