I need a mermaid kit

Suggestions please. It can be a preemie or full newborn size. Need to get one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mishell by Shawna Clymer is a cute 15" mermaid but she’s out of stock. Pearl by Shawna Clymer is 21" but also out of stock. MacPherson’s is accepting $10 deposits for next shipment.

Thank you Jean!

Any time. Glad to help.

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Rhynn is on preorder at macs pearl and mishell have been out of stock since forever and macs never responded about when they’d get them

You can sometimes find just the mermaid tails on eBay if you have a head and arms of another kit. This one is sold by irrisisables through eBay (assuming it’s the legit company’s eBay account)