I NEED A KiT TO MATCH This handsome little guy! Can any of u copy a kit to look like this?

Ok so I’m curious what kit do you think he looks like? I tried to do a variety of pics. I wanted you all to see how dark his hair is on the top an blonde on the sides. He has fuzz on his forehead, an shoulders. It’s hard taking a picture of a picture lol I should of just scanned them but I’m a bonehead well here are some sample pics I may have to try to scan them. They look a little blurry

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I think he looks like mouse awake in one of the bottom pics

Do you know of anyone who could actually copy a kit to look like him? I’m definitely not that good!!

Phil by Linde Scherer- especially in the pic holding the pooh bear


@Kristi - you will never cease to amaze me!

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I love Linde Scherer babies-maybe I should work for the FBI or something for face recognition-lol


I was going to suggest that you market yourself as a “kit matcher” and hire out for a nominal fee!!! FBI is probably more lucrative! You are pretty darn amazing.


That is definitely a good match!!!

I love it! :blush:

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I have never heard of her. Im gonna Google her. Check out her babies.

Did you ever find a kit to match. Do you have pictures? I would love to see them if you do… Thanks, Cricket