I miss the days when several kits were on sale at time

Now I have to keep checking to see if one of the kits that I want happens to be the featured sale baby of the day :sob::sob::sob:. On the other hand, maybe it’s good cause I can’t buy more than one baby at a time anymore.


I don’t miss it. I never have enough money to buy more than one kit at a time so I had to choose. lol

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Being from Canada it was better for me to have many kits on sale at one time. I would place a big order, that way it made the $30 shipping charge more worth paying.



I know exactly what you mean.

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I haven’t been on the forum in a while BB don’t do multiple kits on sale anymore?

For the past few weeks or maybe a month now, all I’ve been seeing is one or maybe two kits max on sale at a time.

I just miss having the money to spend on said kits. :joy: Once that stimulus check gets here I’m stocking up on the kits I’ve been waiting on.

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I think it’s probably because their inventory is down.


They are running on half inventory due to the factory closing for holiday then for coronavirus.


Oh, Yeah this coronavirus taking over :woman_facepalming:t5:

'rona is wreaking havoc on everything


I liked when multiple kits were on sale also but I usually can’t buy more then 1-2 kits at a time but right now not possible to buy kits with no babysitting money comming in right now

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Let’s kill rona!!!

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I am thankful for the 1 a day. One or two days there were 2. But, I know BB is doing their level best to keep it good for us. Things will settle down again. The virus will go away. If we all do our parts by staying in unless we have to go for food or something, it will go away faster. But, anyway, most of you probably already knew that. :slight_smile: @bbsupport Thank you so much for your diligence.

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