I miss my chance!

I missed out on getting Tayla @ $14.95 on a special deal. I check the BB site every day sometimes 2 or 3 times looking at specials. A couple of days ago Tayla came up and I thought I’m going to get her since she was on special. Well, the door bell rang and about 1?hour later she was gone from the specials. I was so mad at myself for missing out. I did check to see if she was available at the regular price of $24.95 and she was. Better luck next time if there is one. It was almost like she got put on special by mistake.


Sorry bout that…I have seen it happen with the Liam sculpt. He was on sale so I bought two and a few hours later the sale price was gone!?!

I just have to say…I hate when that happens!

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I hate when that happens I also hate when I realize that I forgot something after I finalized my purchase.


That has happened with several kits lately. I finally nabbed Cooper and Crystal LOL

I agree. I was trying to choose a kit, and there was nothing good on special so I went with a kit that was $24.95 (not my 1st choice but she was a little less than others and she is pretty cute) and the next day one that I had wanted. originally priced $29.95 was on special for $19.95. I was so frustrated but I decided to go back on and get the kit since it was on special and it wasn’t there anymore…