I may be selling out

Hello to all. I have not been on here in quite a while. I have not painted a baby in almost 2 years. So, I think I am going to start selling my few kits and supplies. I will be listing June awake, Big Joseph Asleep,
Harper 2nd Edition by Andrea Arcello, Maik by Natali Blick, Twins - Leo and Emellie by Ulrike Gall either together or separate.

I bought 5 kits at a place that was going out of business and was going to make and give them to some deserving children at Christmas last year but I was sick and unable to do that. I think they must be kits from China which I had no intention of painting and selling. I also thought about letting my grandchildren paint them because they again would not be sold to anyone. My last thought was using them for practice using different techniques but I don’t see that happening either. So, I may sell them for what I paid on the promise they will not be sold for profit. I don’t know what kit they are made from but all are the same.

I may list my paints, still deciding on that. If I let my paints go, I will be selling 2 ovens, one with an extra extender.

I am also going to sell a couple of completed dolls, one being my Asriel Awake. I purchased her kit from an individual who had lost her certificate. She is definitely a legitimate kit which I painted a few years ago. If you really wanted this kit and wanted to repaint her, she would have to be stripped. I also have alot of mohair, some wigs, bodies, belly wraps, etc.

Also, if you live close to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, I have my Silver Cross pram for sale. It is from the early 70’s and beautiful. I also have a wooden pram for sale.

I am sure that I may be sorry one day for selling but I am getting older and with working just don’t have the time or energy. I still love to check in and see your wonderful babies.

Patty Abernathy


Hope you are doing well! Wish I lived close to you to get those Prams. If you decide to paint again after selling I’ll bet quite a few of us would help to make sure that happened. We are Family! Looking forward to your listings. :heart:


Thank you so much. I really miss the people on the forum.


WOW, just took a look at BB’s kits and can’t believe they are offering a silicon that is affordable. That is wonderful of them. The new kits are awesome. What a great selection.


@Blissfulbabies, Melanie do you live close to this lady? She has a Silver Cross Pram, for sale, might you be interested? Just thought I’d reach out to you in case you didn’t see this. She is in Alabama.

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@lynn i live near Montgomery. She is about 3 hours north of me. Thanks for thinking of me. :heart:

You’re welcome.

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