I made one of those little Sweater Vest Sets

Here is my newest baby I just put on Reborns.com and I want to show his little sweater vest set I made. I got the link to the pattern from the one post here about the knitting looms. Isn’t it cute made up? This is the Juniper sculpt by Sabine Altenkirch
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Very nice and it fits him perfectly!

Yes, he’s 19 inches long and when I started making the vest I was afraid it wasn’t going to be big enough around his tummy but it’s a good fit. I made it according to the video.

That’s adorable!!!

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I love it! He is a cutie!

Did you use the loom to make it or just made it by hand?

I don’t have a loom so I did it by hand. The link to the crochet pattern was in that post. I have tried to knit so many times but I just can’t get far enough into it to be able to follow a pattern so I crochet. I’m not sure if I want to buy the loom or not…


That is adorable.

I have the set and have had it for a good many years. I have the long set, too. But, to me, it just seems that if I want to knit I need to learn to knit the old fashioned way. I am in no way being critical to the ones who use them. I just never could learn to use them well enough to make things go fast enough for me. Just seems boring. Maybe if I got far enough to learn different stitches on the looms, then I would enjoy it more. I do know how to knit – at least the 2 stitches (that is what they say, but it is like crochet, it is just those basic stitches, but they can go together in a myriad of ways). But, I don’t know enough of the extra stuff that goes along with it. I am trying, though, as I have time to do it. I have crocheted for many years. I am making an outfit for my 10-inch-doll. It was so hard to find a pattern for him. Then, I ended up with a pattern that was small and then I made it even smaller. This is not my forte, but it looks OK. At least he has clothes. I do see me changing the tiny ones clothing. :slight_smile:

How adorable!

Congrats on his sale

Beautiful and so is HE! :blue_heart:

I love that. It looks adorable on him and fits perfectly.

Thank you ladies!