I made a poor choice and am open to suggestions

I was rooting an Aubrey for a custom order. This was a soft head. I was having issues with the soft head so I got to thinking If I reinforce it it might root easier. I stuffed it with poly fil. Now this worked great! The problem came when I went to get the poly fil out of the head. Some of the polyfil had gotten hung in the hairs. It took me quiet a while to get the poly all out of the head so I could glue it. Does anyone else have a better solution for rooting those soft heads?

Ty I never thought about the fridge!

Deb, this is exactly what I needed to do to root Tristan’s head. It was so soft that I stuffed it with old Berenguer stuffing that I keep around. and yes I did root into the fluff and it did take a bit longer to get it all out. Use a more solid stuffing rather than ‘cluster stuff’ (small pellets of fluff) or soft poly as it tends to come out in bigger more solid pieces. I think this is a good answer for this problem it just takes a bit more time to be able to glue.

You can kind of squeeze the head, something like for putting the eyes in, almost inside out. That would bring the remaining fluff closer to you so you can pluck it out. I had to do that with Sophia Madelina, but stuffing inside really helped my rooting

If you are having problem getting the fluff out, I’ve done that before and used bamboo tongs (toaster tongs) to reach inside and pull the fibers out. As for soft heads, I’ve tried the rice sock and that works too.

Tina??? Did you put in a rice sock or did you put the rice in loose and then put in a plug??? I have to think if the head was full of rice it wouldn’t distort, which can easily happen when stuffing with poly. Hmmmmmmmmm I will have to try this the next time I have a soft vinyl to root. Thanks

the same thing happened to me although quite by accident. i had already stuffed the head and thendecided to root it, but i missed some of the stuffing when i pulled it out. i rooted right through it. when i realized it was int here and tried to pull it out, it of course took some of the hair along and i had to re-root spots. You can just shove your rice sock in there (don’t need to heat it) and then stuff the bottom half that doesn’t get rooted with the fiber fill. it gives a good resistance, but won’t get stuck to the hair.

I’ll remember to fill the next soft one with rice next time. I broke a needle in the last soft head I did when the head caved in on me. Feels like the 3 little bears and I’m Goldilocks…too hard, too soft…where is just right!!!

i use the rice in a nylon stocking

I just usd the rice sock and it worked great. Also the BB dvd i got, she stuffs the head with papertowel. i tryed that and that works great too. The hair did not stick to the papertowel either.

I put rice in a tube sock. Not a nylon. That way there is more strength than in a nylon. I put the sock in the neck opening and THEN fill it with rice and tie the end off. When I am done I untie the knot and just poor the rice back into a container for the next rooting head.
Works real well!


No more collapsing heads…woohoo!!!

I used a sock filled with polly pellets.

Rice socks are also great for sore muscles and achy parts and even in your bed on those cold nights to warm your feet. They are better than electric heating pads. There are no cords to get pinched or anything to shorts out and start a fire. Plus it conforms to the shape of your body

it’s true! especially for grandmas like me !