I made a neck for Max

I’m making my Max with a cloth body because I only have the head and limbs. Since I don’t have his body he needed a neck. I pondered this for a long time. This is what I came up with.

The white piece is a prescription bottle cap. The part that screws onto the bottle is the perfect size for his neck opening. I found the red thing at the hardware store. I don’t know what it’s really used for but it worked for my purposes. It’s slightly flexible but almost hard so I had to soak it in boiling water to stretch it enough to get it over the cap. It was a bit of an effort but I got in on there. Not too shabby, huh?


Now that’s some good thinking out of the box or should I say out of the bottle in this case lol.


You go girl! That’s great!

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That is so great an idea. I used plastic lids for end caps on limbs all the time. I have coffee can full of different sizes.


I think that is a neat, inventive idea!! And it works! Awesome!

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AWESOME! So clever!

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That’s so smart!!

Very clever idea!

I like your brain!!! Gosh he must be a tiny little toot.

He is a tiny little mite-just 14 inches.

You’re one smart cookie :cookie::santa: (:santa: bc you can’t have :cookie: without :santa: on Christmas :wink:)!! Way to use your thinking cap :wink: Super clever idea :grinning:!!! Your Max is looking great too!

Thanks. He’s still a WIP but he’s getting there.