Thank you @grannyx3. I received your beautiful creations today. I couldn’t wait so t summer rain is modeling the dress :heart_eyes: I love your work.

Byron’s socks and hat fit perfectly. You getting a little sneaks pick at my daughters work :wink:


Oh im so happy they fit and you liked them.im going to give you my email address because im not sure how much longer the forum will be up.its been shut down before.ive been a member since 07.its calebsgranny@msn.com and i have a face bookpage its renati lowe.im just so happy you liked them. I was worried.


You do beautiful work. My daughter is so happy too. My email is meraricurbelo@yahoo.com and my fb is M-Nursery Reborn
I’ll to follow you right now.:+1:

Beautiful @grannyx3 , they look so cute on Summer Rain and Byron. I really like the dress and bonnet. :slight_smile:

@mcurbelo your Summer Rain is so beautiful, Byron is cute too.

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Aww thank you so much

I’m not a colector​:speak_no_evil: I have just kept some of my creations. She is just one of 3 that I have kept. :joy:
You can see how shinny she is because My daughter and I like to play with her but I still tell my husband that I’m not a collector. :unamused:I’m in denial.


Oh and Byron is my daughters WIP

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Your daughter is doing good from what I saw. :smiley:
I tell my husband that I’m not a Collector too, he just laughs . :wink:


Mines an enabler lol, right now i have 3. They are my" forever right nows" lol

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My husband doesn’t mind he actually told me to keep Caleb because he loved her and wanted to keep the one I made for my son’s girlfriend. I’m the one with the fear of filling my house with dolls. :grin:

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She is so exited. She is working fast so he can wear the clothe already


I have to show off mine!!!

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Beautiful work. I love knitted and crocheted baby clothes. The reborn looks so cute in them.