I LOVE the new German Vinyl!

I did a kit box opening for a custom order and in this video I show the German vinyl next to the China vinyl. It is poor lighting but maybe you can see enough to get an idea. I personally love the feel of this new German BB vinyl kit and hope they make all the kits from this vinyl!

Did they change the coloring on Gabriel from that awful grey? I really like him now but it was a pain to paint and then the hair rooted between two layers of vinyl so I couldn’t seal it. It had a weird feeling to it when the needle went in because I could feel the second layer. But I didn’t want to lose all the work since I had stripped him twice trying to get him and his sister Gena done. So they have full heads of hair but it hasn’t come out so far and I’ve moved him around a lot. Probably going to give Gena to my elderly aunt who collects dolls since neither of them can be sold.

This is the first Gabriel I have seen in person so I don’t know what the color was like before and BB has had so many shades going now I don’t know who is what. To me this one looks more like peachy vinyl but is not as peachy as other company’s kits who say they are peach. It is definitely more peachy looking than a Rosebud kit I have here. Pretty close in color to a Dumplin kit I have here. Hope that helps.

How do you know it’s the German vinyl?

I do know that some of their kits are produced in Germany. Nevin said that it was the same place that produces some of the high end kits that others sell. I also think the biracial kits are produced there. It was in the advertising when all the biracial kits were just on sale.

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How do you know it’s the German vinyl?

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Nevin said it was. When Juliet and Jarome first were put on the BB banner page it said that they were German Vinyl.

There was also a discussion about them on Doll-Fan in which Nevin responded about them being German vinyl. He said

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There are two different factories in Germany that produce vinyl dolls. One of the two is very near my nephew’s house in Germany (he has German citizenship). That is the one we have used.
Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

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So Juliet IS made in Germany, not China.


Katey I would email him and ask. Surely he would tell you. According to what Linda from Dolldreams was saying on the Doll-Fan thread it is the same place she gets her kits made.

Thanks, Angie. I wasn’t sure if it said someplace where each was produced. I remembered it mentioned in one of the ads, just wasn’t sure which kits. I know he also mentioned it when he had the question and answer post a while back.