I love Mudpie outfits

I was able to snag this new Mudpie pink tutu on ebay for $17 which is great if you know how Mudpie can cost too much. I got this especially for my Victoria reborn. I also picked up the little footie socks too and I already had the headband.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/140859988514?va … 1439.l2649

Oh,how pretty! I love it. She looks adorable.

She is adorable in it! Never heard of Mudpie but love the tutu. Real kids outgrow everything so fast that I never really spent a lot on their clothes being brand name. Except when the Osh Kosh outlet had things at 90% off. I really should keep an eye out there for Catherine. Now that they are in Indiana, I have a feeling her daddy isn’t going to mind her wearing pants!

I love that putfit