I looooove AVERY! :)

This is my second reborn baby that I reborned, she is an BB Avery sculpt. I just love her so much!!!

These are pictures that I took in daylight.




Now pictures that I took inside. That’s why the pics looks darker.




I have uploaded many more pictures of her to my Web Picasa acc, here is the link: http://picasaweb.google.com.br/11250368 … 102/Avery#
Thanks for looking!

No wonder you love her so…you did a great job on her. wow only your second reborn! You are going to knock the reborn world on there butt…your a natural at this art!

I know I already made a comment on RA but I will say it again. She is absolutely fantastic!! You have talent girl. Want to root my heads for me?

Thank you girls!
Denise, I love that baby in your siggy, that pic made me smile! So cute!

You did a great job Raquel! I love the Avery sculpt too. I made one a couple of years ago for my Aunt cuz he looks so much like her late husband. One day I want to do another one for myself.

She really is lovely! Avery is still one of my favorites as well!

Thank you all very much!
Debi, I don’t even have a berry maker, I used a kitchen sponge, used my tweezers to make little holes in the sponge.

LoL, yes, she is my second reborn. The one that was supposed to be my second is being striped down so I can start over, she is a BB Baylee kit, the poor baby was just not looking good. Now I have a Rebecca Schick that I finished painting, all she needs now is eyebrowns and hair. So I guess Baylee will be my 4º baby.

All that I know about reborning a doll I learned in doll forums. I wouldn’t know a thing without the help of my sweet girl friends, and I’m still learning. And of course I am glad to help the brand new artists when they need help.

For mottling I use a kitchen sponge, the kind that has a soft layer and a more scrubby type layer.

For flesh coats and blushing I use the cosmetic wedges, but I like to use the kitchen sponge again for the last coat os blushing on the baby cheeks, but not the sponge with the holes, I use a pice with no holes for blushing.

Here is a picture of my sponge:

Wow, you did a fantastic job on her!!