I liked the Kebelka but won't be buying any more

This is the 2nd baby I have varnished with this Kabelka and I am loving it! I mixed all 3 components in equal parts along with some thinner (I use Citrus Thinner as I am allergic to the other but you can use Odorless thinner) and put it in a Genesis jar. You have to stir and work all the lumps out and make sure it is all blended well. Then you paint it onto a wedge and pounce onto your doll just like Genesis. Let sit a few minutes to flash off. It will be shiny til you bake it and then it turns matte. This mix seems to be the perfect balance of matte for me but if you want it more or less matte you add more or less of the B. Matte component. I saved my left over in the jar and today just stirred it up and made sure no lumps then matted my Samuel kit. This photo is taken on my enclosed porch with my phone and the flash on because it is shaded on the porch. It is not at all accurate for color but you can see he does not have sheen.


He looks great! Thanks for the info, will have to try it.

Man this makes me wish I kept my mug holder.! Varnish looks good

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I still haven’t tried mine yet but I’m going to be starting some cuddle heads I plan on trying it for. How much thinner would you say you use?

Thinner is just a matter of preference I think. If you watch the videos how Shelly Marie mixes it that may help you. She likes to mix hers very thin. You need enough thinner to help dissolve the components as they are very thick. In Keka Roger’s videos she shows mixing each component with a little thinner and then mixing all 3 parts together. I just put thinner in a jar, added some each product one at a time mixing and mashing with a brush til I got all the lumps out. Then I would add the next component to that mix and if needed some more thinner. I found I get more matte results if it is not over thinned. I liked mine better the next day after it had evaporated a little in the jar and the final product was about like thin yogurt. I also use Citrus thinner which does not evaporate as fast as odorless thinner so that may affect your ratios opposed to mine.


In this video she shows applying the matting element as a separate layer over the top of the sealer layer. I preferred mixing all 3 parts of mine together.



Thank you so much for the info! I haven’t tried mine yet and have been unsure of the ratios for the results I want and yours looks perfect so I will definitely try it like that :slight_smile:

Here is a better photo. I am trying to decide if I need to go back and tone his color saturation down a bit. I have found that if you need to tweek color over the top of the Kabelka it works fine and stays matte.


Oh my he/she turned out great! How many newborn size babies do you think you could get out of the 3 jars mixed together, any guesses? Thanks.

I am hoping 10 or twelve but I really do not know yet.

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I’m trying out my Kebelka for the first time. I’m waiting for flash off which seems to be taking forever compared to when I wait for genesis varnish to flash off. It’s making me wonder if this stays shiny and wet looking until it’s baked. I’m expecting it to go really matte looking like genesis does before I bake it. I’ll wait a bit longer and then just go ahead and bake anyway

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Ok I’m not succeeding. I put some on a test limb and baked it and it came out matte. I put it on my head which was not shiny at all and baked it and it came out shiny. I added more thick and matte and I put it on another head that was shiny and baked it and don’t see much of a difference in shine. I am doing a second coat on my first head to see if it makes a difference. Not sure why my limb went matte but my heads do not. Only difference is that my limb is not painted so the varnish is going on bare vinyl. :woman_shrugging:


I stir mine with every application to make sure the ingredients are well mixed. Yes, it stays shiny til heated so after it has set the normal flash time I go ahead and heat set for 9 mins. I also found that I got a better matte finish when I did not add so much thinner to it. You need enough thinner to melt the components and mix them together but not so much that it is watery. I have mine about like thin yogurt. I use all 3 parts equally but you can play with those ratios a bit as well. The other option is to apply them one at a time separately as Shelly Marie shows in the first part of the videos.


I did stir mine. With the first application on the first head I had equal parts of the three and then with the next application I had added more thick and matte. Mine definitely was a little thicker like yogurt. If I dipped my brush in it and pulled it out it even made soft peaks so I don’t feel like it was super runny. I’m also not sure what to make of the fact that it was matte on the bare vinyl test piece but not matte on my painted head. I used the exact same mixture both times on the test piece as I did the head. I was really hoping to be able to apply it mixed instead of all separate applications.

Really I’d like to just give up and call it crap but I can’t do that if I can’t get more Genesis :rofl::rofl::confused:

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I’m not sure that I’m going to put anymore on the two heads that I have been using last night. I will need some more practising though. Maybe I will try and use barely any thinner at all. Does your matte and thick look exactly the same in the jar?

@anjsmiles Does your varnish turn white when you squeeze the vinyl?

Nope. You either have applied it too thickly or have not heat set it enough or both. It has to be heat set longer than Genesis. 265 degrees 9-10 mins It also is to be applied in thin layers. It does the job well in a thinner layer than Genesis.

Well I didn’t feel like I was putting it on thick but maybe that is the issue. I don’t think the issue is not curing since I have baked it now at least 10 times for 10 minutes each time. If it was going to cure I think it would be cured by now.

It’s definitely not as easy to use as Genesis. I have never had trouble using Genesis varnish even when I was a beginner using it. If this Kebelka isn’t good if it has too much odourless thinner and not good if it’s too thick then it seems pretty difficult to find a happy medium.

Also I tried to put more odourless thinner on it and bake again like you do if Genesis Varnish is white and that was a huge mistake because the thinner turned the varnish white

I watched all of these videos before I tried it out. I feel like I followed instructions and it worked well on my test piece. Using it on my actual painted head is where I started having issues

Well hun I just don’t know what to tell you. I have not had any issues with mine. I find it easy enough to use and am very happy with it. I don’t use odorless thinner. I use Ecohouse Extra Mild Citrus Cleaner. I am allergic to odorless thinners.

I know nothing about these paints. Just what i came across on FB