I learned my lesson now i need help

I was painting my Tibby kit, using a tutorial and it told me to mix a color. I didn’t have one of the colors that was used to mixed the color so I figured I could mix it using other things and I did and I made it really close. It didn’t go on weird but when I looked at it a couple of hours later it had turned yellow. Now Tibby looks like she has jaundice, I have tried a couple purple washes to no avail, so now I’m going to try to strip her, what do you guys use to strip paint and how?

Winsor and Newton brush cleaner. I use cotton balls and a tooth brush to get the tight spots. And, where have you been, haven’t seen you posting much lately

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Thanks for the advice, I have been so busy I finished a play, then auditioned for a new one, my siblings graduation, and I was finishing up the end of freshman year, trying to get good grades, then I had a job interview, i’ve been around just not posting much


I use the same.

Stick to your primary colors and maybe you can still fix her…if not, you could go for darker ethnic …

Stripping is a royal pain. Are you sure a couple more purple washes won’t do the trick? Sometimes when my doll is too yellow, a I do purple washes, maybe a few mottles, a flesh tone or two and problem solved.


I only use Windsor and Newton for stripping. I use paper towels for the large areas and a toothbrush for creases, toes and fingers.

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Try some blue washes.

I only use Winsor and Newton. I typically will use a clean paintbrush for the larger spots where there aren’t any creases, and then a new toothbrush for the smaller, hard to reach area. If necessary, I use q-tips for anything my toothbrush can’t get to.

Let us look at her; can you post pics? You should only strip as a last resort.
Do you use Genesis or air dry?

Ok, I’m going to put on a couple more flesh layers and then we’ll see

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