I just bought summer rain

I just bought 3 kits of summer rain they have her I seconds to happy happy :grinning:


Looking forward to seeing your version! :blush:


thank you amy

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Just bought 1 Ana and 2 Summer Rains… Trying to finish up the babies on my desk now so I can get to them next. :smile:

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I only ordered Ana, but if I make sales this weekend, I will be ordering SR as well.

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Dang it I missed all of the 2nds :frowning: Oh well I have painted her once and she is a great kit I will wait until after the Holidays to get more.


How are the seconds compared to the 1sts?

I’ve never found anything wrong with any of the seconds I’ve purchased. I think some have had issues with the flanges but nothing that is really problematic.

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Congratulations on the new kits :grinning: I just finished painting my Summer Rain and I’d gladly paint 3 more :blush: