I hit the BB sale

But I didn’t go crazy. I try to keep some of the BB sale kits in stock to use for my Simply Baby line of reborns I make for kids and the elderly. I ordered 2 Shyann kits and 2 Kadence kits as well as 3 preemie bodies I needed. So now I have done my holiday shopping!

I have abstained… I have 3 Stephanie Sullivan kits on the way that were on sale with bodies included. Couldn’t turn them down…

I am still being good! I am skipping this sale too!

I had fun opening my box. It was like Christmas! Believe it or not, these 2 Shyann kits I got were the first ones of her I will have ever reborn! I also got 2 preemie Kadence kits to keep on hand because I tend to sell Simply Baby reborns from those well at Christmas time for the elderly and kids. Lastly I got some bodies to keep for when I don’t have time to sew one.