I have personal question

I have a keeper, Libby. She was the first baby and only one I have done for me. I can not remember if she was my 2nd or 3rd baby. I did her when I first started last November. I look at her now and I think I could do so much better. She has my personal hair that now I could not do again. Now my question is should I strip her even tho I could not save her hair or should I forget it? I have another Libby sculpt but I am not sure I want 2 alike. My husband says keep her like she is since he says she is not awful to remind me of my start. What do you girls think? Have you stripped your first doll? Here are pictures of Libby.

nah, leave her be She is a good reminder of where you started! I KNOW i could do my first alot better now, but my daughters won’t let me touch him! LOL!! They tell me they love him the way he is <3

Thank you ladies. She is just the right size to love and cuddle.

Deb, I remember when you made her and she was special to you then & is clearly special to you now. Keep her. I have remade many of my first dolls and am happy with them, but I never removed the rooted hair – funny, but I actually did a wash of color with hair in place on my Cozy reborn and not for the worse. I figured I could do hers because her hair was blonde and I used a yellow wash - it worked and she is my keeper!

She’s a keeper.


Keep her, as is!

I say keeper!!! I did strip my first but only cause I had no doll money and had to get my reborning fix!!! LOL!! If I would have had anymore kits I would have never done that!

My suggestion is keep her the way she is and pass her down to your daughter, when she is older. The fact that Libby is rooted with your own hair makes her very personal, priceless and sentimental. This doll could then be passed down from gerneration to generation and it would mean so much to them because of the personal touch. What a heirloom this would make.

I would keep her for sure, especially since she has your hair. That is so special. And she is beautiful I am sure she means a lot to you. I have seen starter dolls that are bad, and your Libby is not bad at all, not even bad, your Libby is super cute, she is so sweet. I wouldnt strip for sure.
If you wanted to add color you could wet a cloth and cover with nylons when you bake if you wanted to add some details to the face if thats what you had in mind. About the eyelashes when you bake, you might have to remove and redo, I am not sure how that works.

But she beautiful so I would either keep as is or add those details I mentioned.




I would definitely keep her she is beautiful!!! Besides she has your hair.

I sold the first doll I made because I wasn’t in love with her but one of the next ones has my husband’s hair. I would never take the hair out no matter how much better I can make a baby now. I use air dry paints right now so I may add some color or make some changes but not the hair since I don’t know when he’ll decide to cut it again! Some things are too precious to not love regardless of the changes you could make now.

Thank you ladies for all your complements. When I did her I kept putting her against my body and tried to match my skin tone as close as possible. Yes she has my hair. I started out rooting human hair and man the first time was a total disaster but I pulled it all out and started again. This was Libby’s second head of hair. I apologize for not replying sooner to your posts. I have been having some medical issues and have spent lots of time sleeping when I was not working. I go back to the Dr. this morning again after I get off work. Hopefully there will be no more blood in my urine. I have had no signs or symptoms of a UTI the Dr was stumped. I had a virus and a relapse of my Lymes disease. My Daddy used to say you can’t keep anyone full of meanness down long. I am feeling better and who knows I may get to start and work on my Vampire babies I have been so excited to do. I made their custom outfits back in January. I have to work Monday but I am supposed to have fri sat and Sunday off, we will see if that happens! Hugs to all and I am back!

I think your Libby is one of your best babies… Her lashes are wonderfully done and her coloring and shading look great in the pictures that you have posted. Don’t redo her (you could be disappointed)…