I have been working on my work area

I have a small area to work in and it was so cluttered that I got rid of a lot of things. I wanted a boy bed and a girl bed. Both beds came from my daughter and I have had so much fun working on them.


How fun for you, it’s a beautiful space you have designed. Those beds are wonderful!

You have done a great job with that! I love that idea of a boy bed and a girl bed to help display the dolls. The thought passes through my mind every great once in a while – where will I display all the babies I have kits for – if I ever get them made! People have asked me that. Well, I don’t know. I don’t see any cribs in my future. I had thought I would get one from my grand daughter when her baby outgrew his. But in the end I had to turn it down as I had no where to put it. :slight_smile: Crazy! We have a sorta large home (about 2400 – 2500 sq ft) for the two of us. But, we have only 1 bedroom. That is one with a bed in it. Ours. All the other bedrooms have been turned into other things. An office for my hubby, a sewing room for me, and now a dolly room for me. It has been a number of things since we moved in this house about 18 years ago. Alas – we still have no room. So, we purchased a good sized storage building and we are filling it up with things that over the house, plus we have taken a good bit to Goodwill and will probably have more for Goodwill before it is all done. Why, I ask myself, don’t I have a place for display options for dolls??? I am not concerned at the moment. I have only made 4 dolls. They are all on the fireplace hearth right now. Still dressed for Christmas… I need to change them but I just haven’t done it yet. When I feel like doing anything I try to spend it cleaning out and organizing my dolly room.

OK. That rabbit hole got way too deep. :slight_smile: Sorry! I love your place.


What a beautiful space, I wish I had room for a bed. Love the way you have it decorated

I LOVE what you did, it’s beautiful. Inspirational too. I have a large 4 bedroom home, it’s just me and my 3 fur baby dogs and 2 cats. I have a bedroom, an office, my cats have their own room too. A guest bedroom for the kids that rarely visit. Perhaps I need to make a room like this. I bet it’s so relaxing being in there. Nice job!!


I love it!!

Looks great! I love photograph my babies in the crib. Add so much realism to a baby :wink:

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Mine is a room attached to my garage. I keep my keepers in a cabinet in my bedroom and also have a small antique baby bed and two baby buggies in my house. Those dolls in my doll room will hopefully eventually be sold. I have a hard time letting go of most babies. Thank you all for the nice complements.


Lovely! I had those Bessie Pease pics in my oldest son’s nursery :two_hearts: