I have been sewing

and boy does my back hurt! Too much sitting in a chair bending forward at the sewing machine. I have been sewing pixie hats and bloomers to go with the Pooh decal T-shirts I have made. I will have 6 NB sets and one preemie set in this print. I also have some extra sets of the balloon print and 100 acre wood print that Ginny Westley sewed for me from my cloth for my show babies. Here is Esme modeling one of the bloomers and hat I have sewn.


That’s SO cute! I love that fabric.

Very cute!

I love those pixie hats and bloomers sets…they are adorable…

And I LOVE baby clothes that make babies look like babies…if that makes any sense!!!

They look great! I love the fabric pattern.


Y’all might find this interesting

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Love that stitch! Lots of thread, though, for sure ~ looks really nice!

Love :heart:

So cute

Thanks! Working on jingle blocks now. The Tiger cloth here you see is from vintage fabric I used 25 years ago making things for my daughter!

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