I have arrived! lol

Soooo…last night before I went to bed, I decided to list Gracie on one of the reborn sale groups on FB. I’m a member of a lot of reborn/doll sale groups and I’ve done this many times. Until last night. I put my listing on, like normal but no picture came up. Instead I got this message from FB:

We’re sorry but you’ve been reported as offensive and/or abusive
for posting the selling of babies. You may not post items for
sale in this group.

OMG. :open_mouth:


In my reply to FB, I told them that I am selling reborn DOLLS in a reborn DOLL selling group.

Their reply to me was:

Thank you for your feedback.

Well. I thought about it and decided that someone out there had actually given me the ultimate compliment, right??! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I mean, hey, I consider “creepy” high praise, sooooooooo “selling real babies” is just a step beyond that!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

IDIOTS. The world is FULL of IDIOTS. WHERE’S MY SIGN!!! Here:

Now excuse me while I put this tray of baby parts in the oven…



Well, I listed mine on a local web site and a man e-mailed me, and said I should be ashamed of myself, so I replied back and asked him what he was talking about, he said, you are trying to sale your babies for money!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy: my reply was, no they are not real, and my second reply was, if someone is trying to sale their babies, I think I’d say more than, I’d me ashamed​:joy::joy:, anyway he apologized to me.


That’s crazy, Karen! You’re lucky FB didn’t close your page down.


I was merely sharing the reborns.com link to my Gracie, no mention of babies or dolls.

I belong to a LOT of these reborn groups, not sure which one it was but if I find out who reported me I will block them.

And yes, @AmyR777 ~ I thought about that; guess they could shut all of our pages down for selling BABIES.


I saw that on your page last night… What the heck? Some people are just too bored. A lady I knew used to make cakes for others and she got a few orders for adult cakes, bachelor parties, 21st b-days, over the hill, bridal parties… etc. So some cakes were a woman’s torso and breasts in a bikini, one even showing a nipple… No one reported them, but then she got an order for male anatomy… and got reported for pornography. lol, total double standard.
Anyways back to the babies… lol. I cant believe someone reported you from a reborn group! That is absurd. Maybe it was an accident? lol
If you are on a reborn group you should know you will see lifelike dolls… :confused:


Porn cakes…LOL…I’ve seen some of the cakes like you’re talking about & while they are not to my particular liking, to each their own. Live and let live, you know?

I don’t know if the person who reported me was from that group where I was trying to place my listing, it could’ve been just someone reporting Karen’s Kreations, I’m not sure how all the FB stuff works. I DO know that I would LOVE to know who it was who made the report…grrrrrrrrrr…I would make sure they were banned all over the place.

Crazy world we live in…baking cakes and babies. LOL


You are seriously so damn awesome! :kiss:


In order to get those kind of reports, you have to be making very realistic babies…congrats to both of you who were reported…!!

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