I have a serious problem

I do not even have the time to make the babies I already have. What did I do?? Ordered Easton and Grant tonight since they were just released!!! Lord help me LOL!



Lol i know the feeling. I want them too! Gotta wait a week or two till my money tree grows some more money hehehe. Glad you got yours. I hope they dont sell out fast :slight_smile: waiting on restocking sucks :slight_smile:

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I ordered the seconds this time around. My Celeste was seconds and I never found anything wrong with her.

I did the same …smh :disappointed_relieved: however I didn’t see the seconds​:sob:

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I hear ya Mandy. If I count my kits now it would be equivalent to shock therapy. Would like to order a few more from BB but the money exchange would kill the joy. Would have to pay an extra 30cents in the $. :grimacing:

I think I have about 12 kits stashed away… Which isn’t many really. But I need to get to painting and stop buying lol. GEEEEZE

Hey, there are worse addictions! I think you’re good if buying too many kits is your worst habit. =)


Wellllllll…since you don’t have time…you could always just send them to me…you know…
help clear up the clutter n stuff!!!


Haha …Cherielynn
Well at the very least we can always recoup money spent by selling the unpainted kits …kinda like an investment.


I am so with you, I have a closet full of kits and know it will take a long time to finish the all.

I keep telling myself NO MORE KITS but then it just happens LOL


it happens to me to I have almost brought all the new ones and now I want the pig and have reborn one that was clyde
I got to stop buying to but cant help it when a new one released they are so sweet looking cant help my self. LOL

I want more especially the pig! I want to finish these custome orders so I can move on to others that I desperately want to do. I’m praying that some others I have my eye on don’t get released anytime soon.

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