I have a question about Lil Yawn by Phil Donnelly

I’m thinking of getting a “Lil Yawn” by Phil Donnelly (not Wee Yawns, which is by Marita Winters and much smaller).

I know Lil Yawn can’t take a full pacifier, but does anyone know if she can take a modified one? Which kinds work best?


I know they have the kit in stock at macphersons not sure about the pacifiers though

Mine took a modified gumdrop pacifier. Also he is smaller than I assumed :wink: 18 inches. I bought a 0-3 pacifier I think, without thinking about it… so the smaller pacis may work better


Thanks for the info!! That’s a beautiful baby you have :grin:

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I have this kit. He is a small newborn, probably can wear some preemie clothes. I have not made mine yet. I have considered selling the kit.

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He was my most talked about baby at the ROSE show. Another vendor reserved him and the buyers were all sad about it. One even asked if I would make a list in case the vendor backed out.

It really shocked me because he is not one of my favorites by any means.

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Update: I just ordered the kit from MacPherson’s and sent it straight to a very nice artist! I’m trading my Ofelia and Luna blank kits in exchange for custom work. Excited to have this little guy home!

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