I have a chalky baby! Help!

I’ve always noticed a sort of powdery feeling on my babies after varnish and maybe a little bit of that chalky look but never this bad. Why is it happening and what can I do?
I am using satin varnish from genesis.
I mixed it with some thinning medium and a little bit if oderless thinner.
Then I pounced all the chalk off and started again.
This time no thinning medium. Just the varnish and some oderless thinner. Same thing happened.

Are you baking it? You need to bake 2-3 times. Never let mine completely dry until it turns white before once it no longer wet looking I bake.

I let the varnish dry before baking. I left him out to dry over night and woke up to white chalky baby.

Any chalky appearance should bake away if you bake it long enough, or 2-3 times. I’ve left varnish overnight, had it appear chalky the next day, and it still baked away.

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Yep, definitely needs several bakes

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I bake at 270 for 8 minutes then 275 for 7 the last two bakes, it should take off the chalky, but careful you don’t get the shines, that is a harder one to remedy. I use a nuwave, I have learned what my vinyl will tolerate in my oven, every oven is a little different.