I hate to ask again but I need prayers

Sunday as I was headed out the door to go to church, I got the phone call they were taking my 92 year old grandmother to the hospital. She passed some kidney stones but there is one hung in her bile ducts. They are going to break it up tomorrow. I got almost to the hospital to be with my grandma and got the call my daddy was upset and having chest pains. I turned around and went 35 miles back to him. He has I am almost certain shingles. I went in to work this morning at 0800 to do my 48 hour shift and as I was on my way back from a 7 hour long distance transfer I got the call my mother in law was being rushed to the other hospital in Jonesboro in respiratory distress. She is intubated and not breathing on her own.

Oh my goodness- I am so sorry- I know we are all a supportive group here- praying for you!

Ty Kristi

She’ll be in my prayers

Thank you Rose, Kathryn and Maggie

Oh Debora, Your plate is full!! I am busily praying for my parents and inlaws and will add yours to the mix. At least I am retired and have time to deal with these problems.

Will put you in mine. Hang in there!

Oh God bless you and your family sending prayers and thoughts!!

Thank you all. A quick update, My grandma came thru her procedure well. The Dr said there were 2 stones lodged in her duct and he broke them up and then stretched and clipped her duct so that any remaining stones could hopefully pass easier. My mother in law has no change today. She is still not breathing on her own and they seem to think she might have had a heart attack yesterday.

Debora, we are always here to pray for each other. You certainly are dealing with a lot right now. I pray that God gives you and your family all the strength and support you need. I pray that God’s healing hand be with your family members.

Ty ladies I have an update. My grandma has a bacterial infection and will be in the hospital a few more days. My sister in law was at the hospital with my mother in law in the ICU during visiting hours. She said her heart felt like it was racing and got light headed so she asked the ICU nurse to listen to her heart. This nurse listened and called another nurse to listen. They sent her to the ER stat. She was in SVT and was eventually given amederone to stop her heart. this medicine stops the heart for a few seconds which seems like an eternity for the person giving it and then lets it restart at a normal rhythm. She had a bad headache the rest of the day and was given Iv fluid and potasium. Good grief!

Good grief!!